Smokey Woods is nestled in the small community of Crivitz, located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. As a small-town business, we proudly employ members of our community and look forward to hiring more to add value to our team as we continue to grow.

We aim to bring the best wood to your BBQ. Our unique process provides a uniform precision cut yielding consistent heat and smoke, bringing out the best flavor of each wood varietal. Our customers love our product and consistently come back to Smokey Woods.

Founder Story

Learn more about our origin story from our Owner, Derek Taylor. From his love of BBQ as a kid, to competing in regional BBQ competitions, and now as a business owner focused on the best quality wood, hear his story and what fuels him to keep going.

What We Believe

Sustaining products and renewing people
Valuing partnerships
Hands-on, Can-do commitment
Inventive and Resourceful
Passion for fun, food, family, and fire

Our Wood

We offer Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite, Maple, Post Oak, and Peach wood species. In addition, we are beginning to present our blended wood products, such as our Ultimate Blend and Champion's Blend, to correspond with the best-selling BBQ pellet flavors. Our Stick products are precision cut in 8-inch lengths, and then kiln dried for the best even burn on the market.

Kent Rollins

"Smokey Woods is the best smoking wood I have ever used, and I've burned a lot of trees over the last 38 years."

Cut to Cook

Take your BBQ game to the next level with our precision cut, kiln dried wood.